Nagito komaeda x sick reader

I am soo sorry it took so long for me to write this! You had convinced your boyfriend, Nagito, to go with you to the petting zoo that was in town for a few days. He had protested at first, stating that his fluctuating luck was reason enough for him to not go.

He was expecting something bad to happen. You, however, were persistent and determined to go see the animals with him. It had been so long since you went to a petting zoo, and you just wanted to go with him! In your opinion, it was a great date idea! What you did not anticipate was for several of the animals to attack you two, gracing you with bruises and a shallow bite or two.

First, it was the donkey that had nipped you hard on the hand when you had reached out to pet him. A second llama joined in on the fun. Then a third. After that, a pony -one that was most certainly acting friendly towards other people earlier - had kicked you square on the back, sending you flying into Nagito. The two of you fell down into the wooden fence that made up the enclosure, with Nagito hitting his head on one of the posts.

It was at this point that you decided that, yeah, maybe he was right, this was a bad idea. He agreed instantly. This lead to the current scenario: you rummaging inside your bathroom for the first-aid kit to treat the bruises and bites on both you and Nagito. Once it was found, you took the kit to the living room were Nagito was sitting. You sat down next to him and promptly began to treat his wounds.

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He silently shrugged off his jacket, and you pulled up his shirt from the back. Yep, he had a number of bruises on his lower back. You got up so he could lay down on the couch.

nagito komaeda x sick reader

You crouched and began to apply an ointment to the bruised skin, stopping whenever he flinched. Before you had a chance to finish, he sat up quickly, startling you. He was turning your hand over, examining the bruise with a remorseful expression. You could tell he was this close to ranting about it was all his fault even more so. That something bad was gonna happen.

Am I right?Nagito Komaeda, he wasn't the type to get jealous. But, he couldn't help as he viewed the scene in front of him. You were hugging Hajime's arm, but in a peculiar position.

You were also quite happy talking to him, of course it would make your boyfriend jealous. Besides that, his arm was making contact with your, um, chest. Nagito did not like it one bit. By now, people were pretty much questioning why you weren't worried, but that's just how you were. Hajime saw Nagito's strong gaze on him as he got scared. Hajime turned red by what you were doing. Okay guys, as you guys can see, we have to partner up to investigate this weird looking room, after we all woke up, we clearly don't know where Monokuma took us, I'll be partnering up with Fuyuhiko" Akane walked towards Fuyuhiko as he stared at her weirdly.

You guys walked down the third and second floor as he immediately pinned you against the wall. Thank god no one was there with you guys. Nagito immediately blushed but right after took away his arm.

Nagito took the chance to make out with you for quite some time, you felt him staring at you guys. And with that, Nagito left. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Requests are open : warnings: spoilers, sorta Nagito Komaeda Nagito Komaeda, he wasn't the type to get jealous.

Likes Comments Like Could u do one about fuyuhiko? Nagito Komaeda. This is so cute! Reagan Williams. You said you do requests right?

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Read 3 more replies. Reply to: Reagan Williams I can do that! This is so cool! I quite how short it is Could u please do more? Featured post komanami lolita. Featured post shuichi crossdressing. Into Danganronpa?Breathe in, breathe out.

You instructed yourself. You were so nervous that you just wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out. You can still turn back. You thought, but you quickly blocked that idea out. You raised your hand to knock on the door. OK, I got this. Just then, the door opened and in the doorway stood the tall, silver-haired boy. He leaned against the frame of the door, yawning and scratching the back of his head.

He looked at you, with one hand still in the air, ready to knock, while the other held a small bag tied shut with a ribbon to your chest. Your face turned red immediately.

komaeda x reader // jealous much?

Come on in. You stood by the door, stiff as a plank. There was a moment of silence before you heard laughter. It was sweet and melodic. You raised your head and he reached out for you, bringing you into his chest and pressing the cookies back into yours. He rested his head on yours and tightened his embrace. His body was warm and you felt as though you could just melt into his arms. You never wanted him to let go. You felt so safe and happy in his arms.

All of this turned out a lot better than you expected. This was sitting in my works folder for a while and I decided, why not post it again instead of deleting it on AO3 and pretending like it never existed? Anywho, this is Gonta angst! Keep reading.Can you do any of the kissing prompts for Nagito? This is from this Prompt List! Sometimes I think I see the characters differently and it makes me insecure about my writing.

Anyways, I hope you like it!

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The orange light of the sunset mixed with your skin and made it look so soft and warm, your attentive eyes shining at him as you grabbed the sleeve of his coat to prevent him from going away.

Your eyelids, nose, chin and cheekbones were even more beautiful this close and Nagito tried to memorize all the fine lines of your face. His eyes tentatively fell to your parted lips, quickly looking back at your bright orbes to prevent himself from doing something stupid. Someone with a real talent, with a soul as gentle and graceful as yours.

And, before he knew it, he gave in to you. Your lips brushed shyly, sweetly against each other, both of you too scared by the intensity of the simple gesture. Nagito was admiring your face as you kept your eyes closed, slowly coming to the realization of being apart from him once again, and smiled shyly. Can you write some about comforting headcanons for Nagito? Sorry if this made no sense, my English aren't the best!

I already wrote about Nagito comforting reader and you can find it here. Tysm for this request, I liked it a lot! I would…. Well I mean, would you say I write? Ooooohhh mmhh a little tricky, but the color I associate the most with him is green, probably! Take this as a bit of a preview for a piece I have planned for komahina week I guess!

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nagito komaeda x sick reader

Nagito is always watching them, always keeping his mind occupied with thoughts of them. They are his start, the moon and the sun of his universe. Every inch of them is better than he will ever be, but sometimes, he feels, they might not be aware of it yet.Slamming the door behind your allocated cottage in anger, you sink to your knees.

One of your classmates had been murdered, despite everyone promising to not let such a thing happen. You awoke with a rather forceful thud. Before you could answer, Komaeda had wrapped his arms around you, rocking back and forth in a soothing matter. Thank you. Tysm for followers?? Cringey emojis aside!!! Feel free to talk to me!!

Anonymous asked: Kirigiri x fem if that's ok stoic reader where the reader is being flirty and trying to get Kirigiri to blush. I was wondering if you can do some relationship headcanons for Kazuichi?

Anonymous asked: Can I have some more naegi headcanons?? Like maybe just being best friends with him?? Bc I l o v e Makoto Naegi so much. I'm on mobile. Anonymous asked: oh my stars and stripes this blog is too cute, the imagines are too cute, and your headcanons are really good! Anonymous asked: But what if kamukura platonic relationship I can't imagine him as anything other than aro and ace but I think being besties with him would be adorable.

Coming right up!!! See this in the app Show more.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. One day, you were being your regular SHSL Bookworm and then the next day, you're put into a dating simulator?!

You woke up in a flash. You see a baby blue ceiling and hear some voices. When did you get a blue ceiling?! Where were you? With a jolt, you sit up to be greeted by a woman and three other boys who seemed to be almost as confused as you were.

What exactly was going on here? Comfort was also cold and foreign. In the way, as such, that you'd never felt comfortable before, and everyone who was supposed to be comfortable felt foreign and wrong. But he— even in a paradise transformed into a hellscape, even when the fears you'd fought to label as fictional actualised before you, even then. Not in the clinical manner, not in the definition you knew from the books you struggled to read.

No, he was comfortable in a new way— with hugs that were warm, and words that weren't barbs.

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Hello there! This is a book of requests of Danganronpa x Reader. Something strange is going on. With no memory of what happened, I find myself in a hospital and another one of the patients is getting too close. All my life has led up to entering Hope's Peak, but I failed.

And now I only stand there. Beyond the gate Watching the life I could have had if I was good at Anything at all. Am I really that undesirable?While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me.

nagito komaeda x sick reader

Little stories where you go through lots of stuff with Nagito Komaeda, from Despair to Hope. This book has more hope since your dear author doesn't like angst but she's willing to give it a try one day.

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Hematology the area of study concerning blood and much more! But she'll try and help her peers in solving the mystery of why they're here and how to get out.

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But even with your super high school level empathy, it is a challenge to understand Nagito Komaeda, the Ultimate Lucky student with only one thing in mind: Hope. The title is self-explanatory - This is a One-Shot book for all three of the [main] Danganronpa games.

Please be sure to read the Rules above all else!!! You wanted nothing more than to keep another murder from occurring… but of course things are never that easy. It's numbered, so I'll go to a number generator and put in 1-? Reader will be gender-neutral unless there is a request for a specific gender or I use a pronoun that states differently.

Did you ever want to have a Panta with Kokichi? Or spend the day with Chihiro? Maybe play games with Chiaki? Well that's kind of what this is for lol. Basically a one-shot collection of requests for the Danganronpa Characters. Everything about the stars seemed to call you, even in the most dire of scenarios. It's no wonder you're considered the Ultimate Astrologist. The shock that came when you were suddenly thrust into a murder game seemed to shake your resolve, but you had to keep moving.

Komaeda just loves his darling so much, how could he possibly wait long enough for them to reciprocate? Just quickies I do to satisfy my monthly goal of writing! Updating will be randomized, and how many words depends on my motivation. You wake up to find yourself kidnapped by Nagito.

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(Komaeda X Listener) --- ANIME RP --- “Komaeda Wipes Away Your Tears”

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